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System Group are proud to be delivering HGV Skills Bootcamps as part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee. The initiative sees an investment of £34 million to help train new drivers, as well as supporting existing HGV drivers who have left the industry to get back on the road.

Skills Bootcamps are flexible courses, giving people the chance to build up sector-specific skills and a guaranteed interview with a local employer.

Once enrolled into the HGV Skills Bootcamp, you will progress through our fully-funded Driver Pathway – a bespoke programme which equips learners with the necessary training, certification, and employment support to help you launch a successful career as an HGV driver.

Are you eligible?

Skills Bootcamps are free if you hold a full UK driving licence and are:

  • Aged 19+

  • Employed or Self-employed

  • Recently unemployed (in the past 12 months)

  • Returning to work after a break



No Shortage Of Work

One of the best things about becoming an HGV driver is that there is no shortage of work out there. In fact, the only thing running short is drivers! With more businesses and retailers popping up every day, the haulage industry is under pressure to hire new drivers to take on the abundance of work.


Set Your Own Hours

As an independent HGV driver, you have the power to set your own hours and even your own location. There is high demand for drivers across the entire UK. So if you decide to move across the country with your family, you will be able to pick up work again quickly.


 Assured Job Security

The haulage industry is one that just isn’t going away – no matter how advanced technology gets. Good, qualified drivers will always be in demand.


High Earning Potential

Because it’s in such high demand, HGV driving is a great way to increase your earning potential. A full time, fully qualified HGV driver can earn upwards of £30,000 a year, depending on whether you’re an independent driver or employed with a company. If you go the employed route, many companies also give bonuses for good safety ratings, different licenses and even length of service.


Job Satisfaction

Without HGV deliveries, the country would grind to a halt. So at the end of the day, HGV drivers feel a sense of pride knowing they’ve made a real difference to people’s lives. HGV driver turnover is pretty low because the people who are in it are doing what they love.


Is your business in need of qualified drivers?

The HGV Skills Bootcamp course content can be tailored to the needs of your business to ensure participants are qualified at the highest level to support growth and build your future driver pipeline.

Skills Bootcamp will also:

  • Build a pipeline of talent for new positions or apprenticeships.

  • Develop the existing talent pool in your business and a motivated, loyal workforce.

  • Give your current employees access to training in the skills you need.

  • Offer a guaranteed interview to someone looking to retrain or upskill in a subject relevant to your business, or who has recently been made redundant, supporting people affected by the economic impacts of COVID-19.

  • Recruit staff with the right training and skills from the outset, developed through part-funded pre-employment training.

Each Skills Bootcamp is delivered by industry experts and designed to cater for participants who are either employed, unemployed, or furloughed. Futureproof your business in a rapidly changing labour market and reduce recruitment times by guaranteeing a pathway for motivated learners to join your workforce.

Become one of our partner employers and future-proof your business.

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