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Licence Wait Times

Following ongoing discussions with DVLA and DVSA we believe it is critical to keep you updated on current licence acquisitions timescales whenever possible.

As you are aware licence acquisition wait times vary across the country, for ease of communication we have broken this down into geographical regions. This information will be updated regularly on the System Group website as well as via our newsletter.

Current licence acquisition wait times are as follows:

  • North West/Widnes – 18 weeks

  • North East – 19 weeks

  • South – 19 weeks

  • West Midlands – 19 – 23 weeks

Changing Lives

We are in the business of changing lives, that’s what vocational education has the power to do. Most of you will know about the work we do in apprenticeships, but we also support learners via our AEB and Bootcamp funding (funded learning). The funded learning side of our business supports people who are; unemployed, under-employed or looking to enter the sector, once people have completed their learner and obtained their licence System Group will then match them with an employer in their area. You can see from Kieron’s story the impact this support has had.

Learner Focus is and always will be right at the very heart of our values and this month is no different. Speaking to Kerion who has not only excelled in the interview attached to his course but has since gone on to secure the job of his choice with his local council.....

“Since completing an HGV course with the System Group, I can honestly say my life has changed. Having the ability to do the course from home was something that helped me, I like to feel comfortable in my own surroundings. The way the course was taught suited me, and the tutor was always on hand to answer any questions or further explain. The guaranteed interview helped me put the learning from the course to good use and since then I have happily accepted a new role with my local Council; I would Fully recommend this opportunity to anyone.”

Kieron Holt, Oldham

Kieron started his course with us on Feb 21, Despite all the uncertainty and stop-start nature of his training brought on by COVID he remained focused, hardworking, and motivated to complete his course and achieve his goal. His relentless hard work was rewarded when having passed his Theory and Practical first time he found himself sitting behind the wheel of an HGV later that year. Since then Kieron has only gone from strength to strength in his new role and we are so proud to have helped and wish him the very best of luck in the future.

Congratulations Kieron!!!

Supporting Your Apprentices - Quick Guide

Line Manager responsibilities when your staff are on an apprenticeship.

  • Support the development of your colleague.

  • Where possible, consider setting work that is relevant to their apprenticeship standard.

  • Be enthusiastic about their learning. This journey is important to them and their career.

  • Be aware of their schedule and encourage them to take it seriously.

  • Understand the programme they are enrolled in and where the key milestones are.

  • Support 20% OTJT (Off-the-job-training).

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