Neurodiversity Celebration Week (March 15 - 21, 2021)

✨ This week marks #NeurodiversityCelebrationWeek, a moment in the year dedicated to recognising all members of the neurodiverse community and an opportunity to celebrate the skills and strengths neurodiverse individuals bring to our society ✨

We are proud to include our SEND Strategic Partnership Panel initiative within our training delivery that reviews all learners who have declared needing additional learning support and ensuring that their requirements are met appropriately and outsourcing additional support when needed.

Our delivery team works closely with Cognassist, a unique education solutions platform focused on identifying and supporting learners with individual learning needs, and has undertaken their Neurodiversity Masterclass training with regular internal refresher courses.

Here at System Group we celebrate the benefits of different minds and diverse thinking and shape our delivery to benefit all.

#NoLearnerLeftBehind #EqualRepresentation #Diversity #education

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