National Apprenticeship Week: Thank You Thursday

Thursday we would like to give thanks to our Skills Coaches for stepping up and showing their commitment to providing a quality education and experience for our apprentices throughout a different and difficult year. We asked what they love most about mentoring apprentice. Our organisational values are to ensure our service is learner-centric and to provide the highest quality of education and we would not be able to provide that without the hard work and dedication from our Skills Coaches.

What do you love about mentoring apprentices?

Alex Walsh

Functional Skills Tutor

"The functional skills element of the programme can often take learners out of their comfort zone. As I tutor, it’s very satisfying when these initial anxieties are gradually replaced with confidence, motivation and improved skills in English and maths. After informing learners they have achieved their functional skills qualifications, I love to hear how proud they are of the progress they have made and how this progress will positively affect their personal and professional lives."


Paula Harris

Skills Tutor

"I enjoy supporting apprentices to exceed their own expectations and achieve their ambitions. It's great to know that I spend my days helping others to fulfil their potential. For me, that's very satisfying."


Neil Ridgway

LGV Skills Coach / Assessor

"I enjoy my role as Skills Coach, as it allows me to help learners to get a foot on the ladder in the Transport and Logistics sector. Also to see the results of how far they have come to reach this goal."


Phil Greenhalgh

LGV Skills Coach

"My role as a LGV Skills coach can be rewarding. I like imparting my knowledge, setting the students achievable goals, watching them achieve and grow throughout the programme, and ultimately passing."


Paul Rowden

LGV Skills Coach / Deputy Safeguarding Officer

"I like being a Skills Coach because you share your Apprentices journey with them, you are there when they sign up and you guide them through the course to EPA, it’s such a emotional rollercoaster because you want them to do well, you share the ups and downs, you celebrate their successes with them, and you are there to pick them up again if things don’t go well.

I think I see a bit of myself in all my Apprentices so naturally I want them to succeed."


Darrel Thompson

Skills Coach

"The reason why I love mentoring apprentices, to be able to pass on my knowledge and experience to an apprentice to help them to progress forward with a challenge they are finding particularly difficult and to eventually overcome that issue is so rewarding. To see them progress with their apprenticeship and reach their goal gives me such a feeling of accomplishment because it is personal to me and it gives me a huge sense of pride in their progress and successes."


Rachael Flaxmer

Head of Service Delivery

"I love that we support individuals to develop their knowledge and skills which builds their confidence, supports career development and benefits employers. Knowing that collectively we can have a significant positive impact on the lives of our learners both professionally and personally is really rewarding for me and the whole delivery team."


Paula Woolmore

Business Services Skills Coach - South

"I love building relationships with learners and seeing them grow in confidence as they enhance their performance through the learner journey. I love seeing Learners’ drive and motivation skyrocket upon receiving recognition at work, often through feedback, promotion or in any number of ways that this often happens. I love to see the pride and satisfaction in Learners faces as they achieve specific aims and subsequently the overall Apprenticeship."


Sharon Brown

Functional Skills Tutor / IQA

"The mentoring relationship between learner and tutor is based on trust, confidentiality, mutual respect and sensitivity. The relationship should be based on agreed boundaries and ground rules that address the different roles each has. The fulfilment to see each learner develop their professional as well as personally life skills is fantastic. It’s a learning journey for both of us. Initially the journey might be unsteady, scary and confusing but we take each step at the learner’s pace and ensure the learner feels confident so not to be scared to ask any questions to clarify and achieve their aims."


Michelle Harding

Skills Coach delivering Team Leader / Supervisor

"I have mentored apprentices for almost 20 years now and I never get tired of seeing someone develop their confidence whilst learning completely new skills. It is so rewarding to see the transformation and I take pride in seeing others succeed."


Mike Burns

Functional Skills Tutor

"What I love about mentoring apprentices is seeing the difference between someone at the beginning of their course, when they might have real concerns about learning English and maths, and seeing them once they have passed their exams and have their certificates, I love to see the increased confidence and belief in themselves that apprentices have once they have proven that they can achieve something worthwhile and valuable through determination, commitment and a belief in their own ability to learn. I gain great satisfaction from knowing that we played a small part in their success through the help, support and teaching we have provided."


Stacey Verity

Skill Coach Business Services

"The thing I enjoy most about mentoring is the impact it has on someone’s life. Supporting them to develop knowledge and skills and improve their confidence personally and professionally. I love the diversity of my role where no 2 people are the same."

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