National Apprenticeship Week Case Study: The Bannatyne Group

The Bannatyne Group is the owner and operator of a portfolio of Health Clubs, Spas and Hotels across England, Scotland, Wales and 1 health club and Spa in Belfast. The Group was founded in 1996 by entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne and currently operates 72 Health Clubs, 47 of which have bespoke Spa facilities, and 4 Hotels.

The Group is a premium Health Club and Spa operator with over 200,000 members and one of the few with a national footprint in Great Britain.

System Group have worked with The Bannatyne Group to provide a variety of apprenticeship programmes across the fields of Customer Service and Business Administration.

For National Apprenticeship Week, we spoke to Head of Training and Development, Simon Doyle, about the success of their apprenticeships and how they hope to further utilize these in the future.


Hi Simon, can you tell us about the apprentices you currently employ and what they are working towards?

At the moment we have 12 apprentices working with us, we are looking to increase this number to 25 in the next few years. We currently offer apprenticeships in Customer Service, Business Administration, IT (multiple categories), Procurement and Accounting in various departments across The Bannatyne Group.

The main area the apprentices are working in now is Accounting and IT, but we also have them within our Contact Centre team and even out with at the Fitness Clubs and Hotels

In what ways has employed apprenticeships benefited your organization?

Firstly, hiring our apprentices helps us fill any employment gaps quickly and efficiently so that we can continue working at full capacity. The second real benefit is that apprentices come into the business with no preconceived ideas or bad traits. They come to us with an open mind, a thirst for knowledge, and are ready to start work in the industry straight away.

What would you say to someone considering an apprenticeship?

If you are looking to gain experience and qualifications, it is the only route to take, it allows you to be recognised for the hard work and dedication you put in over the curse of the apprenticeship.

See it as a springboard to the long-term career you are looking for.

Would you say employing apprentices has a beneficial impact on a business?

For us, it has given us a fresh input of ideas and a blank canvas to work with in terms of a new employee. We can work with them to help them forge a long career within our industry.

I would say they are an valuable asset for any business. We see them as a fresh set of eyes to quality check our internal processes and if managed correctly, they are the future leaders of the business.

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