Green Jobs Taskforce supporting UK Government to create two million skilled jobs by 2030

The government is set to expand its package of green skills programmes for adults to support the creation of 2 million skilled green jobs by 2030, according to a new expert report by the Green Jobs Taskforce.

Set up by the Government in November 2020, the Green Jobs Taskforce develops recommendations for helping unemployed people into skilled jobs which contribute to the Net Zero Strategy and Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution.

The latest report published by the Green Jobs Taskforce details a number of recommendations to ensure the current green skills gap is closed. This includes the UK Government working with employers to boost green apprenticeship opportunities and supporting more adults to gain the skills they need to progress into green jobs through training programmes.

These initiatives will build on existing action already underway including green apprenticeships and Green Skills Bootcamps. There is also support for those currently working in high-carbon businesses to retrain and upskill into green roles in a combined effort to deliver on the flagship pledge to have two million people in green-collar roles by 2030, up from around 400,000 at present.

The UK government has already rolled out a range of initiatives and skills programmes to build low-carbon industries across the country and help people thrive in the jobs this will create.

Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills and co-chair of the Green Jobs Taskforce Gillian Keegan said:

‘We are focused on delivering the talent pipeline businesses need for green jobs now and in the future. From Skills Bootcamps to apprenticeships, our skills programmes will ensure people are able to acquire the skills needed for the growing green economy.
We welcome the Taskforce’s findings which will help us to drive forward our ambitious green skills revolution, supporting more people of all backgrounds to get the skills they need to build great careers and help us reach our goal of net zero emissions by 2050’

The Government’s successful Skills Bootcamp training programmes have now been expanded across the country, offering an extra 16,000 fully funded places for adults to upskill or retrain. Adults can register for free, flexible training courses of up to 16 weeks to develop in-demand skills and fast-track to an interview with a local employer.

Current areas of training are spread across solar energy, agriculture, vehicle electrification, green transport and more. The Green Skills Bootcamps initiative is offered in addition to the Lifetime Skills Guarantee, which gives access to level 3 qualifications for adults who do not already hold any.

System Group offers training both through the Skills Bootcamp and Lifetime Skills Guarantee initiatives. Whether you are interested in upskilling, retraining, or starting a new career in the transport and logistics sector we have a variety of courses and expert guidance to best support your ambitions.

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