Dale, founder of 'Cirque du So Gay', used the pandemic shutdowns as an opportunity to upskill

Name: Dale Robbins

Career: Founder of Cirque du So Gay

System Group programme: HGV/LGV Licence Acquisition

Dale Robbins joined System Group's Driver Pathway in 2020 to gain his LGV/HGV licence when lockdown restrictions halted his company's ability to perform across the UK. Dale set up his own events company back in 2017 where his skill set covered all responsibilities from the planning, room decorating, the DJing, the catering and even made the celebration cakes. This career decision led him to his next venture of producing an adult only, gay circus - Cirque du So Gay. The venture sold out shows across the UK.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 restrictions has greatly stunted the hospitality industry and Dale's UK debut tour of his new show was cut short. However, that didn't slow him down. Dale took this set back as an opportunity to upskill and enroll onto a training programme with System Group to better his ability and skillset to take back to his organisation.

"Our UK debut tour was cut short, but that didn’t scare us. This set back gave us all the opportunity to go into extra training. I, personally, went into training with System Group to gain my LGV/HGV licence which I can then put to good use when we go back on tour in 2021.

The CDGR and DGV courses were really beneficial to me and my company, they helped me to gain the skills needed to confidently enter the logistics industry. I had continued support from Maureen Rooney, Darren Moore and William Welsh. They worked day and night to ensure that we were on track to gaining our qualifications.

These qualifications and the licence will assist me to drive goods vehicles on our tour and will, in the long run, save us a lot of money. I am forever grateful to System Group.

We may not be performing at the moment but we know that 2021 is going to be an amazing year! We have a full UK debut tour planned and we’ve even created another event called “The Big Gay Weekender” which will see us venturing out into many European cities, starting with Amsterdam! This is just an interval. The show WILL go on." – Dale Robbins, former Driver Training learner

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