Christmas in Logistics

Christmas is the busiest time of the year in the logics industry and always brings unique challenges for the industry to overcome. However, in 2021 with a major driver shortage and the ongoing effects of the pandemic those challenges have only increased.

It is estimated that this year the UK public will spend £25.6 billion over the Christmas period a 6% rise compared to Christmas 2020 (according to

So with all this increased demand how does the industry cope over the festive period? Well, according to EXPAK logistics, the key is planning, with some companies starting to prepare for the Christmas period as early as July.

But by far the biggest struggle for Christmas 2021, and in the industry as a whole, is the ongoing driver shortage. With an estimated 100,000 driver shortfall, the industry is finding it increasingly difficult to find qualified HGV drivers to employ.

The UK government has stepped in to tackle this issue by partnering up with training providers like System Group to bridge the skills gap. One of the ways this issue has been addressed is through government-funded training schemes such as Skills Bootcamps encouraging people to retrain as HGV drivers.

According to Logistics UK, the initial data is encouraging with a 25.6% increase in HGV driver tests and a threefold increase for HGV provisional licences. A spokesperson stated:

"These measures - combined with a deserved improvement in pay and conditions - are working, with a huge increase seen in vocational licences issued and HGV tests conducted compared to before the pandemic, and there is now spare capacity in the testing system".

Initial data implies the driver shortage is still and will continue to be a prevalent issue within the industry for the foreseeable future, however, this data does suggest that with current measures such as funded training and skills Bootcamps we will begin to see improvement in the near future.

Are you interested in retraining to be an HGV Driver and joining an in-demand field at NO COST to you? Or are you an employer looking to develop your driver pipeline for 2022? Visit our website for more information on our Government funded Skills Bootcamp:

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