Soon-to-be paramedic Chloe Whyle's story

Soon-to-be paramedic Chloe Whyle, in the height of a pandemic, was enrolled onto our Category 1 Driver Training course by North West Ambulance Service to gain her licence and get on the road as a key worker. Working with several Emergency Services organisations across the UK, we provide the best quality training for organisations where compliance and accuracy means saving lives. We provide training for Ambulance Drivers, Riot Vans, Fire Engines and much more.

Chloe started her journey studying Paramedic Science at Anglia Ruskin University three years ago, training with London Ambulance Service (LAS). With her completed degree under her belt she now awaits registration with the Health Care Professions Council to get the title of Paramedic. She has had to move closer to home to start her career with North West Ambulance Service (NWAS), accepting a role as a Newly Qualified Paramedic (NQP) in Manchester. She will be an Newly Qualified Paramedic (NQP) for 2 years, and then she will be fully trained.

"Training in London was a great experience - it was tiring, as we were constantly busy throughout the shift, but it meant that I was able to practice my skills and gain as much experience as possible. Starting my journey as a student paramedic at 18 was difficult in some respects, as I felt I had no life experience of my own yet was placed in a role that required responsibility and professionalism - which at times felt very daunting! However, being on the ambulances and helping patients in their hour of need is really rewarding and I now can’t imagine working in any other field!"

Starting a role in the ambulance service during a pandemic will be a challenge "but with the confidence and skills I have gained over my three years of training I feel ready to get on the road! (Once I’ve passed my C1!!!)".

In order for Chloe to begin her role as a newly qualified paramedic with NWAS, she needs to obtain her C1 driving licence to drive the ambulances. NWAS booked onto the course with System Group and once she has passed she will be able to do further driver training with NWAS in November.

"The course has not only has given me the opportunity to pass the C1 driving exam but given me confidence with driving larger vehicles. This is important as I need to be both confident and competent whilst driving the ambulance."

Chloe enrolled onto our Category 1 driver training with our assessor Jackie who supported throughout the duration of Chloe's training, from vehicle maintenance to test day. "I really liked the informal atmosphere as it put me at ease. I was nervous coming in, as I have never driven a larger vehicle before, but all the staff and particularly Jackie were great at making me feel comfortable. The days are quite intense, but I have learned lots in my sessions with Jackie that have prepared me for my test!"

Once Chloe has completed her C1 course with System Group, she will be able to progress further with her ambulance training with NWAS and will soon be on the road as a registered Newly Qualified Paramedic, helping save lives.

Though an intense course within a short timeframe, we ensure that Chloe has all the tools to tackle any challenge that may come her way. System Group are honoured to provide quality training to our key workers and help bridge the skills shortages within essential services such as the Ambulance Service.

We wish Chloe the best of luck and we thank her and all of the NHS for their hardwork during these trying times.

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