Apprenticeship Levy and Service: frequently asked questions

The apprenticeship levy

Q) Will levy payments be paused for employers?

The apprenticeship levy is an important part of the Governments aim to raise apprenticeship quality which supports employers to make a long-term, sustainable investment in training. Due to this, HM Treasury have no current plans to pause the collection of the apprenticeship levy because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) disruption.


Q) Will you increase the time available to employers to spend their levy funds?

Employers already have 24 months in which to spend their levy funds before these expire. For now, we do not intend to make any changes to current arrangements.


Q) Can non-levy employers still reserve funds on the system?

Employers who do not pay the apprenticeship levy are able to reserve apprenticeship funding through the apprenticeship service in line with the published guidance.


Q) What happens to funding reservations if an apprentice can’t start?

Reservations will expire if they are not turned into a commitment within 3 months of the apprenticeship start date, detailed in the reservation. Where a commitment is needed and a previous reservation has expired, a new reservation must first be made.


Q) Should employers use the ‘Stop’ or ‘Pause’ apprentice facility in the apprenticeship service?

In circumstances related to coronavirus (COVID-19), employers should use the ‘Pause’ function in the service. Employers must ONLY use the ‘Stop’ function when they are certain that training will not resume at any point. Using ‘Pause’ will stop payments temporarily and allow the employer and apprentice to resume the apprenticeship at a later date.

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