Functional Skills Reform - Get ready for September

English and mathematics Functional Skills qualifications help learners to gain important real-world skills for the future. Starting in September 2019, the current qualifications will be replaced by reformed Functional Skills qualifications to make them even more relevant and credible for the world of work.

To find out more, Kay Chandler our Functional Skills Operations Manager and Claire Burton, Head of Quality and Compliance attended the ‘NCFE The Future of Maths and English’ conference in London last week. With a variety of guest speakers, lively debates and interesting facts some significant information was shared:

  • 53% of adults are at primary school level with the English and Maths skills.

  • 9 million adults have a reading age of an 11-year-old!

  • 13.5 million adults lack digital skills

  • 6+ million lack essential skills including maths and English

The biggest key areas to be ready for in September 2019 are:

  • GLH raised form 45 - 55 per level, per subject

  • No dictionaries allowed in any exam

  • Maths has a non-calculator paper

  • Speaking and listening can no longer be embedded, this is going to be standardised by the Award Body.

  • English – phonetics plays a huge part across the levels.

  • Maths – formula (BODMAS) has been moved to level 1 allowing level 2 to have more complexed problem solving.

  • Last registration for old standards is 30th August, you then have six months to achieve these in.

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