CEMEX Graduation

Yesterday we had the pleasure of attending a graduation ceremony at CEMEX in Rugby to celebrate young drivers who have completed their Logistics Apprenticeship Scheme.

The drivers were the fourth cohort to take part in the apprenticeship scheme which was created jointly by CEMEX and System Group. They are the second cohort to be funded under the new levy scheme, which helps to address a recognised UK skills gap, due to an aging driver population, by recruiting individuals aged 18 to 23. In this industry, 45% of drivers are aged 45 or over with only 9% under 25.

“We are delighted to welcome these new young drivers to our team of over 300. They have worked hard to achieve a high standard of professional driving and will be playing a vital role in supplying cement and aggregates for use in the construction industry”. Carl Milton, Northern Regional Logistics Manager and Co-ordinator of the scheme.

Cathy Hutton, Head of Employer Engagement at System Group, said “the ceremony was held to recognise the hard work and dedication the apprentices have put into achieving their apprenticeship qualifications and pursuing their career in driving over the last 12 months. Through strong communication with skills coaches and management, the CEMEX apprenticeship programme has been designed and continually developed to ensure that the highest level of support is in place for the learners. The joint effort has seen some of the apprentices excel in their roles to become some of the highest performing drivers within CEMEX's business. As a result, CEMEX are looking to expand and develop the programme further and recruit additional driving apprentices in 2019/20, with the enrolments happening next week.

“System Group would like to take this opportunity to say a huge congratulations and good luck to all the 2018/19 apprenticeship graduates as they continue their driving careers and become pivotal to the British workforce.”

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