Taking learners on a unique journey, Jeff Cairns is nominated for Driver CPC Instructor of the year

With only a few days to go until the Talent in Logistics awards, System Group take a look at their finalist for the Driver CPC Instructor of the year, Jeff Cairns. Having delivered driving CPC training for more than seven years, Jeff is one of the most experienced transport training tutors in the sector.

A humble professional, Jeff’s motivation is seeing his learners develop, giving them confidence to do their job efficiently, “the focus becomes the candidates, they become the work rather than the actual work itself, they are the most important thing I have to deal with. I don’t want to be the smartest person in the room, I want my candidates to be that person,” said Jeff.

Jeff has a unique teaching style which he has continued to develop over the years, he challenges learner’s thoughts and beliefs in relation to the subject and makes the learner face their own lack knowledge. “I got into the transport industry about 25 years ago as a driver and soon realised that I preferred doing the training sessions when I was a manager, so I moved into the transport training instructor role for System Group. I’ve always done my best by the candidates, my role is to point out the ‘why’ in a subject and facilitate its understanding,” continues Jeff.

Through a relaxed learning environment, Jeff is able to create an entertaining and enjoyable experiences for learners, often meaning that learners learn without realising. Jeff’s commitment to the sector has been unrivalled throughout his time at System Group. He’s passionate about bringing people in and setting them on a path that will give them a rewarding and fulfilling career. It’s this passion which fires his undeniably successful training techniques.

Jeff takes complex subjects and breaks them down into digestible chunks, putting them into context for the learners to understand at a level they’re comfortable with, “I’ve always done my best by the candidates, I always tell them ‘it’s your course, I’m here to assist you and it’s your learning journey,’” said Jeff.

Being nominated for an award for the work that Jeff does was not something he was expecting, “I’m thrilled to have been nominated and consider it a great honour, it is great to have the recognition for the company and the work we do to help candidates. It’s my privilege to take learners on their journey to success.

“The candidates are the most rewarding part of my job, making sure they have had a good time is important. As long as they have picked up all the information and are successful in an exam and they succeed, is all that matters, as that is what makes it all worthwhile,” continued Jeff.

As well as Jeff’s fantastic learner engagement abilities, Jeff is particular, organised and follows guidelines to the word. His efforts directly contribute to the success of System Group and the reason why the business receives Grade 1 Audit results time and time again.

System Group wish Jeff all the best at the Talent in Logistics award ceremony at Telford International centre this week, he is truly deserving of his place.

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