System Group Receive Grade 1 Transport Management CPC Audit Result

On December 8th 2017, System Group, the UK’s largest provider of Transport Management CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) qualifications were audited by the OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA) to review the standard of Transport Management examinations taking place at System Group’s Carlisle training facilities.

To achieve the highest grade possible, the exam conditions must meet the stringent OCR guidelines which include strict policies regarding venue, exam times, handling of paperwork, identification and much more.

Year after year, System Group achieve outstanding results from their CPC examination audits, and 2017 was no different. In their latest audit, System Group achieved a Grade 1 by the OCR for their examination handling and facilities, the highest possible award.

Dave Crawford, Operations Director at System Group commented;

“The Transport Management CPC is now a requirement of Transport Managers across the UK, and rightly so. It’s such an important certificate to have, given the responsibilities at hand.

Transport Managers are responsible for ensuring compliance with all the requirements of road transport law. This involves overseeing a number of employees who carry out appropriate tasks such as managing drivers and drivers’ hours, repairs and regular servicing, through a system of procedures and policies which ensure compliance with road transport law.

This is why we ensure that at every stage during the course as well as examination, everything is done properly, by the book. There’s simply no room for error. We’re delighted that our work has been recognised by the OCR, and is testament to the dedication of our team members and their efforts over the past 12 months.”

To learn more about System Group and the Transport Management CPC Certificate, please visit

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