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System Group is one of very few training providers that operate nationally with both funded and non-funded training programmes, giving us a unique opportunity to offer access into the logistics industry to a broad range of candidates.

We aim to tackle the national driver shortage through three main programmes – LGV Apprenticeships, Driving Ambition, and Warehouse to Wheels.

System Group’s LGV Apprenticeship delivery has expanded more each year and is set to explode over the coming months with several large contracts with some of the biggest logistics companies in the UK.

We recognise that the logistics industry is often overlooked by young people as a career choice so we use targeted ads on social media to reach young people with the message that a career as a driver has more possibilities than they may previously have thought. We have a dedicated Facebook page for Apprenticeships and we frequently highlight the career in editorials. We attend college and school events and run competitions on an LGV driver simulator to engage with kids from the age of 15 and discuss with them the possibilities that a career in logistics could bring.

Our innovative training programme called Driving Ambition is tailored to make training and testing to be a new LGV driver straightforward and accessible. The package contains no hidden costs, is very competitively priced, and finance options are available. The programme can take a candidate from their car licence to their artic licence in as little as 8 weeks and includes added value training such as reversing, banksman, and coupling and uncoupling. Successful candidates have the opportunity to get straight into work with one of our industry clients so they can gain the practical experience as quickly as possible.

Our Warehouse to Wheels programme is offered to existing staff within our industry clients’ workforce. Loyal and engaged staff members have an opportunity to undertake their LGV training and join the company’s driver team. System Group ‘backfills’ any consequent vacancies in the warehouse with Warehouse Operative Apprenticeships or equivalent warehouse qualifications (System Group, through government funding, also nationally delivers warehouse qualifications, including forklift licences, as part of employability programmes).

System Group have invested in a new fleet and in new premises and are constantly expanding the LGV instructor team.

We have in the last year completely updated our website and the look and feel of our social media to be more accessible across all platforms and to appeal to a wider, and a newer, audience. This approach is very different from a lot of our competitors but we want to highlight that the industry has changed to meet more modern expectations and we therefore want our appearance to reflect that.

System Group have actively promoted and targeted a more diverse audience for recruitment for these programmes and has consequently seen an increase in the number of young people and women coming into the training centres, investing in their own futures in the logistics industry.

If you want to take part in any of our programmes or are interested in further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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