How Will You Choose Your Levy Training Provider?

With the impending Government led Apprenticeship Levy, how have you decided to select your training organisation?

It’s estimated that 22,000 employers are eligible to draw down levy funding, and with only 1,708 providers having made it onto the Register of Approved Training Providers (RoATP), there’s a substantial shortage of suitable training organisations available to deliver quality apprenticeships for your business. Let alone those specific to the logistics sector.

Therefore, how do you decide on the right training partner for your organisation?

First and foremost, are they registered on the Skills Funding Agencies’ registry of Approved Training Providers? If not, they cannot deliver your apprenticeship programmes through the Governments’ Apprenticeship Levy scheme.

Secondly, do they possess the necessary accreditations to deliver the courses specific to your organisation?

Thirdly, are they specialists in your sector? Are they an established business that can not only pull from years of experience working with some of the biggest and best in your industry, but have proven results in delivering award winning apprenticeships?

And finally, do they understand your business? You need an organisation that not only understands the logistics of your business, but the culture, the personality and the meaning of what it is to be a member of your organisation.

If you’re working in the logistics sector, there’s only one stand-out organisation that can deliver upon each of the above points. System Group.

Having been awarded an Ofsted (the Office for Standards in Education) grade 2 (Good) following their most recent inspection, System Group have positioned themselves as not only the training provider of choice to the logistics sector, but one of the few that can deliver industry leading apprenticeships either on-site, or though their state-of-the-art training facilities located across the country.

System Group brings together significant expertise in sector knowledge, learning and development, and government funding. At the heart of this sits the learner, with delivered solutions created specifically for the sector and overlaid with organisation-relevant content to facilitate application in their immediate workplace. Learning preferences, demographics, shift patterns and the changing demands of the sector drive their focus on innovation in learning delivery, whilst ensuring high levels of engagement, retention and successful outcomes.

Recognised by Ofsted for their impeccable attention to detail, System Group ensures apprentices and those on employability programmes have the best possible opportunities to progress in their careers by training in true to life working environments, improving literacy and numeracy, ensuring good knowledge of safe working practices and instilling high standards of behaviour, professionalism, and mutual respect.

System Group work with some of the logistics industries most iconic organisations, chosen because of their unparalleled quality and unique learning approach, showcasing and embedding the employers culture and standards at every stage of the learner journey.

Understand how System Group can support your logistics business. Visit our website, or call 0845 609 9003 for a no-obligation consultation with one of our sector specialists.

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