National Apprenticeship Week - Kimberly's Story

National Apprenticeship Week

This week, from 6-10th March, we are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week.

At System Group, we have years of experience of providing apprenticeships in a range of sectors. We give our learners the help, support and practical skills required to succeed in the work place.

Kimberly, an apprentice at System Group, shares her story...

“I have been working at Geofast for about 8 months now and in this time, I have learnt a lot about what they do and how they run as a business. I have enjoyed my time here at Geofast and wasn't treated any differently because of my apprenticeship title. By doing an apprenticeship, I was given the opportunity to learn and earn at the same time which has been amazing.

Not only am I constantly expanding my business knowledge, I'm also getting paid to do so. When I started the job, I did already have knowledge of how business's run from both my father owning his own business and doing business at a-levels. Although I had a lot of knowledge, applying it to a real working environment is something which I hadn't done before and I have thrived from this.

When I first applied for this position I wasn't sure what to expect, or if it was even for me. Luckily, I had Laura from System Group help and support me along the way. She was the first person I spoke to regarding the position and helped with arranging an interview and start date once I was accepted. After my trail week, she rang to make sure I was happy with the role and to ensure this was still something I wanted to do. She then signed me up to do the apprenticeship and I was assigned Jackie as my assessor. Jackie has supported me through my studies and has always been there to discuss any worries or questions I have. She has been a great help and took into consideration the struggles I have come across and helped me overcome them. She has made sure I am happy in the workplace and ensured I'm being treated correctly in the working environment.”

For more guidance on finding an apprenticeship which is suitable for you, contact System Group today on 0845 609 9003 or email

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