DVSA extends third party delivery pilots to Module 4 training

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency is running a pilot until early 2017 that explores the practicality of third party assessors delivering Module 4 training and testing.

System Group are involved in the pilot and training and testing are available in Carlisle and in Widnes. The pilot aims to give customers more choice about where they take the test and “will also help to maintain the current national LGV driving test waiting time,” explained the agency.

This is part of a wider exploration into allowing third party examiners to conduct tests at authorised testing facilities, such as System Group’s facility in Widnes.

In addition to training and testing new LGV drivers, System Group continue to support the DVSA Examiner Training Programme, one of only two companies in the UK providing licence acquisition training for new examiners to gain Category C, C+E, and D licences.

With the huge driver shortage in the UK, a major topic of discussion within the industry, these innovations that allow for reduced waiting periods for tests are welcome, especially given that the number of new drivers needed by the industry will only rise over the coming years as the aging driving population reaches retirement age.

System Group currently offer LGV training, from theory training through to practical test, in as little as eight weeks.

For more information, please contact Emma Hewitt on 07887 415453.

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