A Matter of Life and Death

There has been a welcome push over recent months to encourage drivers to take part in First Aid Training. The Road Haulage Association is supporting a road safety initiative that will help equip drivers to deal with emergency situations, as they recognise that professional drivers are frequently among the first at the scene of a road traffic collision.

RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett, said that, “it is estimated that there are 245,000 miles of road in Britain, the workplace for the 496,000 registered LGVs… [Professional drivers] represent a huge, immediate-response resource.”

How well the first person at the scene has been trained can be vitally important, as more than half of those seriously injured in an incident lose their lives before emergency services arrive. Death from a blocked airway, for example, can occur in about 4 minutes and the target time for an ambulance is 8 minutes. With the right training, this is a relatively simple condition to treat.

There are more and more options available for professional drivers to receive tailored First Aid Training, such as Driver First Assist that the RHA is promoting, and these initiatives are vital and genuinely, without recourse to being overly dramatic, life saving.

System Group offer First Aid Training as part of their Driver CPC offer in the seven hour First Aid Life Skills course. This course covers a broad range of emergency situations that they might

encounter in their professional and their personal lives, including the primary examination of a casualty, CPR, and what do to if you are the first at the scene of an incident.

If you are interested in attending a First Aid Life Skills course, please email info@system-training.com or call 0845 609 9003.

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