‘Blue Light’ Training in Private Ambulance Firms Inadequate

Concerns have been raised in the media recently about the blue light training that private ambulance firms are allegedly receiving. A whistle-blower has come forward claiming that he only received one hour’s training under the blue light that basically consisted of driving up and down the local main road.

Paramedics and drivers for the emergency services are highly trained and undergo rigorous, extensive instruction to deal with all aspects of emergency medical care and treatment. A representative from the NHS Ambulance Service has confirmed that it would be impossible to receive the level of training required in one hour to be able to navigate safely at speed under a blue light.

Training providers who deliver ‘blue light’ driver training offer courses that can last between 3 and 7 days. There are consultations ongoing about legislation surrounding the level, extent, and duration of blue light training, among other issues surrounding the profession, and we look forward to seeing what solutions are proposed to this worrying problem.

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