System Group and the Great Skills and Logistics Challenge

It was an icy start on 25th January in Feltham with buckets of salt being scattered over the car park at the front of West Thames’ Logistics Centre as the excited bustle of final preparations continued for the Great Skills and Logistics Challenge.

The event was designed to give young people advice and guidance on careers and career pathways to enter the industry. System Group are partnering with West Thames College to deliver logistics apprenticeships and also run employability programmes that help job seekers into the industry. Among the challenges for the young people to take part in on the day, System Group were showcasing their driver simulator.

Information Technology Master, Chris Histed, was delighted with what he saw. System Group’s Business Development Director, commented, “I explained to the master the simulator ran on software developed by Scania that included a Driver Competition, Free Driving simulation, Multi Drop deliveries, challenging driving locations, and reaction time tests. The high quality graphics simulate real driving environments, including introducing to potential or new drivers the challenges of manoeuvring a 40 foot trailer around urban, rural, and industrial areas.”

Young people attending the event from local schools took part in a timed challenge on the simulator and proclaimed loudly that it was ‘sick’, which System Group are taking as a compliment as we understand that this is high praise indeed.

“Student engagement was high with most of the candidates who took part in the timed competition around a challenging course in a cramped and littered yard”, David Cormack, System Group’s Projects Director, described once the final whoops of excitement had faded after the simulator challenge was concluded. “They seemed completely absorbed in the scenario. It was interesting seeing the different approaches and heartening to see how many of the competitors took the challenge seriously enough to follow the driving instruction they were given to help them manoeuvre the large vehicle through the course or to hear them cheering on fellow competitors.”

The simulator technology forms part of training from day one and will also be used as part of an introduction to the logistics industry for other qualifications, including warehouse, as the scenarios depicted can help to increase awareness of the variety of aspects and challenges within the logistics industry.

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