Resolved for the Year Ahead

If your inbox and news feed is anything like mine, the New Year Resolutions emails and posts are a gift that won’t stop giving, however much we might like them to! And for many of us, whatever resolutions we make, if we make any at all, will likely be abandoned within a few weeks.

Let’s make resolutions, then, that are too valuable and important to give up on and there a few that, especially this year, we could stick to and really benefit from.

The Autumn Statement in 2016 highlighted clearly that productivity is the key and this was closely tied with looking at how we recruit, treat and train our employees.

Recruit The Right Staff For The Right Job

Recruitment can be an expensive task – costly in money and costly in time. The investment that you put into recruitment therefore needs to be carefully considered. Take time to analyse what you really need in your business and ask whether you are recruiting just because a person left and you need a replacement. Work needs to be done and you need the transition to be as seamless as possible but taking time to analyse your business needs might help you identify a skills gap that you now have an opportunity to fill.

Retain Your Staff

Good people are hard to find. Research proves that people who feel engaged, challenged and valued are more likely to stay. It is also invaluable for staff to see clear goals in their career. Spend regular time one-on-one with your staff to discuss their current work, their performance, and their aspirations. When a vacancy arises or a skills gap is identified, do you know if you have among your staff someone who can fill that need already or with a little development could do so? Consider whether this person could fill the skills need you have. You could then back-fill that person’s job with an apprentice that will have the best mentor – someone who has already done the job. Staff who can see that their employer values professional development will be more likely to stay rather than look for opportunities for advancement elsewhere.

Train Your Staff

Finding the time or money to train your staff is a challenge but having well trained staff provides a more efficient, engaged, and productive workforce. Your staff are your most important asset and investing in them will improve their performance and your business. The introduction of the Levy in Spring will provide some employers with a pot of money that they can spend on Apprenticeships and those apprenticeships can be delivered to new recruits or existing staff. This will provide a real opportunity to reap the benefits of a more efficient, engaged, and productive workforce. Those businesses that won’t be paying the Levy won’t lose out, as 90% of the value of the apprenticeship will be paid by the government.

The message therefore is to stop, take a breath, and think about what your next steps should be for the future of your workforce. That is perhaps the best resolution of all and one that will most definitely reap the most valuable and most lasting rewards.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our recruitment team about the support they can provide in assessing and analysing your business needs, please call 0845 609 9003 or email

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