Focus on... the Transport Manager

When you look at the logistics industry, every role in the logistics machine is vital – if a cog slips, the machine stops. A Transport Manager is one such integral, essential role.

The Transport Manager must ensure that vehicles and staff within the business are legally compliant. That includes vehicle maintenance, driver licence compliance, or financial issues to name but a few. Whilst they may not always have the responsibility of the final decision, they are expected to understand and advise on a huge variety of topics.

Contributing to that is the responsibility to ensure that the company’s transport administration is second to none as they will need to be able to produce court admissible documents in the event of prosecution.

Really, it is a Transport Manager’s job is to protect the business, so a broad knowledge base is a must.

The Certificate of Professional Competence for Transport Managers is a Level 3 qualification (A level equiv.), which is a challenging course with a diverse number of subjects, all of which are essential for a Transport Manager. The qualification is also a legal requirement for an operator transporting goods on behalf of other companies and manufacturers.

“It’s a challenging course for a challenging job”, says Jeff Cairns, one of System Group’s logistics trainers. “The subjects covered ensure that a Transport Manager has the broad scope of knowledge that will help them face all the challenges that they will inevitably face. It’s the perfect foundation for their career.”

System Group has delivered The Certificate of Professional Competence for Transport Managers for more than 15 years and has a proven track record. In the last six months, the results speak for themselves with cohorts of candidates in Carlisle and in Widnes achieving a 100% pass rate.

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