Never mind ‘Winter is Coming’, Winter is Here

It is no surprise that the arrival of winter means it gets a bit chilly and that driving might be a little less fun and a bit more hazardous. We just can’t control the weather despite all our best efforts.

Thankfully, there are some things we can control to keep us safe over winter while we are out and about on the road.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind to prepare you and your vehicle for the winter months.

  • Check that the screen wash contains sufficient water and winter additive

  • Make sure all the lights are in full working order and clean

  • Clear the screen and windows INSIDE and OUT before setting off

  • Know your route and ensure your mobile phone is working (though do not use while driving)

  • For long distances, check weather reports and traffic updates for your route

  • In severe weather, think before you drive whether the journey is necessary. If it’s for work, check in with your supervisor.

REMEMBER that braking distances can be TEN times longer in bad weather – keep your distance!

Be Prepared: Always be prepared in case you get stuck somewhere. Carry with you:

  • A fully charged mobile phone

  • Warm clothing and a blanket

  • A Hi-viz jacket

  • A working torch

  • A spade or shovel

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