Savannah, 20 from Newcastle Upon Tyne has spent the last two and half years in internal recruitment for a call centre and for the past seven months has been working for Accenture, which provides clients with unmatched services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Savannah wanted to add knowledge and hone her skills in the recruitment industry so decided the best way to do that was through completing Level 3 Recruitment with System Group.


Savannah tells us more about her training…

Why did you decide to take part in the recruitment training?

“I am looking for a long-term career within recruitment and I believe this qualification will help build on the foundation of that. It was definitely the right decision as I believe this has impacted my role for the better and I feel more confident in my current role because of the training.”

What was the most interesting part of the course?

“Learning additional information on legislation and researching important topics. Having not done my CIPD, I believe this knowledge is not something I could have gained elsewhere, the research element has assisted me greatly in my every day career and has helped me assist with related topics in-house. With the new GDPR legislation having come into play I think that the skills and knowledge gained from this qualification enabled me to implement and understand the policy fully, being able to assist my team in ensuring compliance.”

Has the training changed your perception of your current job?

“The training I have had has made me aware of codes of conduct and professional bodies enabling me to answer questions I may not have necessarily been able to answer before the training. I feel all round more confident with the behind the scenes of the recruitment process. The knowledge I have gained has impacted me more than I initially thought it would. I am now aware of key competencies which need to be abided by to be compliant within the recruitment cycle and because of this I feel I am a better recruiter and more aware of external sources around me.”

How long was the training?

“I trained for a year and a half at Level 3. I am still working towards my overall qualification, but I am close to completion. I feel more confident in industry because of this additional training as I gained knowledge I wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to. The skills I have learned throughout the course has enabled me to perform my role more effectively.”

“The training is great addition my CV if I ever apply for another role the qualification could be a factor that separates my application from others. I am currently going through the motions for an internal promotion within the organisation and I feel that the knowledge gained in this training will set me aside from the rest. I now have a thorough knowledge of the recruitment industry. This has made a great foundation for me to build my career on.”

How do you think the training will benefit you in the future?








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