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Combine unparalleled training programmes with complimentary recruitment support to get your business where it needs to be - fast.

 From apprenticeship screening to working with local employment agencies to hand-pick relevant candidates, we will work with you to take the stress out of recruitment. 


Finding the right apprentice for your company can be a daunting and time-consuming process. That’s why we offer our complete apprenticeship recruitment service at no extra cost to employers choosing us as their training provider.


​We'll take the time to sit down with you and identify and discuss your potential recruitment needs through consultation with our dedicated team of training recruitment experts.


We will confirm the details of the vacancy with you and our recruitment team will advertise your vacancy across the UK through various recruitment sites and across our social media platforms.


We will take away the pain of sifting through applications. Our dedicated team will design bespoke shortlisting support to suit your specific needs and help you to set up interviews.


Once you have selected your candidate, we will inform the interviewees of the decision, set a start date with you the employer and then plan and support the enrolment and on-boarding process to the relevant apprenticeship standard.


When the successful candidate begins their employment with you System Group will provide ongoing support to both employer and apprentice throughout the programme.



The AEB is a great resource for employers who need to improve the skills of their workforce to meet the future challenges of automation and skills shortages. It can support staff to gain new skills, improve their current level of knowledge in an occupation, or get them ready for an apprenticeship.

As a training provider, we can also use AEB funding to convert local job-seekers into suitably qualified , committed candidates for your vacancies for free. Regardless of whether you interview them or hire them, we do not charge any fees for this service.

Using our 4-stage process and the assistance of Government funding we can greatly reduce the costs of growing your business.


Using our 4 Stage Process, we convert local job-seekers into qualified candidates for your vacancies.

STAGE 1: Gather - We can source candidates to attend your academy

STAGE 2: Grade - We can screen these applicants based on location, commitment & availability to kickstart their career with you

STAGE 3: Develop - We can put the candidates through a training program, where they gain a number of qualifications

STAGE 4: Deliver - Once they’ve passed our program, we can supply you with competent candidates for interview who are ready to make an immediate impact

sgrecruit LOGO WHITE-01.png

System Group, have partnered with the recruitment platform TeamTailor to create SG Recruit. SG Recruit will allow to enhance your talent pipeline and promote your company culture with SG Recruit - a new platform connecting logistics employers with our fully-trained and pre-screened applicant pool.

We can provide a cost-effective route to hiring qualified HGV drivers and getting them on the road for your business as quickly as possible.

To provide a more detailed overview of SG Recruit and answer some frequently asked questions we have created a short video:



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