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Andy was already operating vehicles for Wincanton when our HGV Skills Bootcamp was recommended as part of his career progression. Working alongside Veterans into Logistics, we were able to enhance Andy’s licence so that he can drive larger Class 1 + 2 vehicles at no additional cost.

Find out more below:

How has your course helped you in your day-to-day life/career?

The online training gave me time to study at home and gain new skills, knowledge and qualifications, leading me onto the practical aspect of this training to go forward to complete my Class 1 and 2 driving licences. In terms of my career, this provides me with greater opportunities to improve my job prospects within this chosen career.

Tell us about your experience completing your course with System Group?

I completed 7 weeks of home study, learning about driving theory and hazard perception. This enabled me to take the respective tests, which I passed. This led me to be put forward for my practical training to drive a Class 2 vehicle, taking tests on driving and reverse manoeuvre. After which I went on to do my Class 1 training.

Would you recommend a course with System Group?

Yes, I would. The theory was thorough, and the training was exceptional.

What are your plans after completing your course?

I’m currently looking for suitable Class 1 driving positions.


Start your own driver journey with our national HGV Skills Bootcamp programme.

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