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At System Group we strive to offer an inclusive service and support everyone in gaining qualifications and employability skills and we offer a range of interventions to ensure this.



  • Accessibility support for our online programmes as well as for any official testing/examinations.

  • Alternative assessment methods for those who may find written work difficult to complete.

  • A range of group and 1:1 sessions so that all learners can fulfil their potential.

  • Trained teaching and support staff.

  • SEND champion with specialist knowledge who can liaise with learners to ensure full support is provided.

  • Referral partners to help you access learning should you need further support.

  • All applicants will be asked at the enrolment stage if they have an additional learning need or disability that may impact learning and what support they may require. This will be shared with relevant staff members who will ensure appropriate provision is put in place to meet your needs.


Aptem Intelligent Programme


Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

You will be provided with access to our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) called Aptem as part of your enrolment with your Coach.


This VLE hosts all your learning content for the curriculum and you willneed to access this throughout the whole of your journey.


After you have completed work you will submit/upload the work to Aptem where your Coach will be able to access it and provide any feedback.


An E-portfolio system is also used to track the progress you make against some key stages within your programme. It will support your Skills Coaches with planning and stores evidence of your achievements throughout your journey with System Group Ltd.  Reports can be pulled to track attendance of visits and progress against targets. Skills Coaches will utilise the E-portfolio system during progress reviews with you and your line manager/mentor to provide updates on your progress against your individual learning plan (ILP).



We offer a blended learning approach of practical and virtual training in most of our programmes. We are also aware that technology to effectively participate in online learning may be inaccessible to certain individuals. System Group aims to ensure that our experience is available to all wishing to obtain new skills and progress in their career.


Please enquire initially through our Learner Engagement Coordinators via and once enrolled with our Learner Experience Officers by emailing


We strive to equip each learner with the skills to not only thrive within your career but also the necessary skillset to project you above the competition to achieve your dream job in the first place. After the completion of your course with System Group you will find yourself needing to prepare for the interview process with one of the top Transport and Logistics employers within the industry. We run short courses to enhance your skills and chances and getting back into work. We have established links with employers to help you access employment after completion. Courses are available from entry level to level 3 and we have gathered practical tips and resources to best support the development of your CV and tips to ace that guaranteed interview:




System Group are committed to the continuous support of our learners and their mental health, as we understand finding yourself unemployed and/or making a change in your career can be a daunting prospect. System Group have developed a team of mental health ambassadors as well as a dedicated safeguarding team to individuals in vulnerable positions.


Follow the link to find out more -

Click the following resources for more information: 

We have also partnered with MANUP? as our Charity of the Year to fundraise and raise awareness -

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