As a Customer Service apprentice you will play an important role in the way customers value your employer’s

services and products.


The main purpose of a customer service specialist is to be a ‘professional’ for direct customer support within all sectors and organisation types. You are an advocate of Customer Service who acts as a referral point for dealing with more complex or technical customer requests, complaints, and queries.

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  • Understand what continuous improvement means in a service environment

  • Understand the impact your service provision has on the wider organisation and the value it adds

  • Understand your organisation’s current business strategy in relation to customers

  • Understand the principles and benefits of being able to think about the future when taking action

  • Understand a range of leadership styles

  • Understand and critically evaluate the possible journeys of your customers

  • Understand the reasons why customer issues and complex situations sometimes need referral

  • Understand the underpinning business processes that support you

  • Understand commercial factors

  • Know your internal and external customers and how their behaviour may require different approaches

  • Understand how to provide customer insight

  • Understand what drives loyalty, retention and satisfaction

  • Understand different customer types and the role of emotions

  • Understand how customer expectations can differ between cultures, ages and social profiles

  • Keep current, knowledge and understanding of regulatory considerations, drivers and impacts

  • Understand your business environment and culture

  • Understand your organisation structure and what role each department needs to play

  • Understand how to find and use industry best practice


  • Demonstrate a continuous improvement and future focussed approach

  • Resolve complex issues by being able to choose from and successfully apply a wide range of approaches

  • Find solutions that meet your organisations needs as well as the customer requirements

  • Through advanced questioning, listening and summarising negotiate mutually beneficial outcomes

  • Manage challenging and complicated situations within your level of authority

  • Use clear explanations, provide options and solutions 

  • Explore and interpret the customer experience to inform and influence

  • Demonstrate a cost conscious mind-set when meeting customer and the business needs

  • Use written and verbal communication to simplify and provide complex information in a way that supports positive customer outcome in the relevant format

  • Proactively gather customer feedback

  • Analyse your customer types, to identify or anticipate their potential needs

  • Maintain a positive relationship even when you are unable to deliver the customer’s expected outcome

  • When managing referrals or escalations take into account historical interactions

  • Analyse the end to end service experience

  • Make recommendations based on your findings


  • Proactively keep your service, industry and best practice knowledge and skills up-to-date

  • Consider personal goals related to service

  • Personally commit to and take ownership for actions to resolve customer issues

  • Exercises proactivity and creativity when identifying solutions

  • Make realistic promises and deliver on them

  • Work effectively and collaboratively with colleagues

  • Recognise colleagues as internal customers

  • Adopt a positive and enthusiastic attitude being open minded

  • Be adaptable and flexible to your customer needs

  • Demonstrate brand advocacy, values and belief


Level 3 Diploma in Customer Service is for learners who work in, or who want to work in customer service in roles such as Customer Service Supervisor, Customer Relations Manager, Customer Service Team Leader, Client Service Operator or Events Coordinator. The course covers the following areas:

  • Organise and deliver customer service

  • Understand Customer Service Environments

  • Principles of Business

  • Understand Customers and Customer Relationships

  • Manage Personal and Professional Development 

  • Resolve Customer Problems

  • Build and maintain customer relationships

  • Monitor  and Analyse Quality of Customer Service

  • Organising events

  • Manage Team Performance

  • Manage Diary Systems


The apprenticeship will take a minimum of 15 months to complete prior to taking the end-point assessment.

  • Level 3 Diploma in Customer Service

  • Functional skills




At System Group we will provide you with all the training you need to work with customers in a professional and competent way.

As a Customer Service apprentice, you will learn and build on existing skills in organising customer service, understanding the customer service environment, dealing with problems and understanding customers, understanding legislation and regulations of the industry.


If you are an employer who would be interested in recruiting an apprentice or enroling one of your existing employees on the apprenticeship programme, please contact us and we will help you with any queries.


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