As a Supply Chain Operator apprentice, you’ll likely be based within your employer’s transport or traffic office. 

The Transport/Traffic Office coordinates the movement of goods to a wide variety of customers across multiple sectors. Transport Planners are responsible for planning the routes that their drivers will take to deliver goods to the customer. 

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  • How to organise and allocate appropriate resources (vehicles, drivers and other staff etc) to jobs manually, or using relevant IT systems

  • How to plan routes (as required) and jobs, and the importance of re-planning, amending jobs or planning for further delivery when circumstances change

  • How to use the Transport Management System (TMS) and other relevant IT systems to input & progress customer jobs for onward delivery

  • Safe use of equipment and machinery (such as manual handling equipment, vehicle and delivery systems) in order to provide briefs to colleagues

  • The process for arranging vehicle maintenance and dealing with any related issues

  • Relevant and current regulation and legislation (including international where relevant to role) governing the supply chain industry, their subsector and role in particular; consequences of not adhering to legal guidelines

  • Debrief drivers/process goods when returned to base


  • Fully comply with current appropriate rules and regulation; maintain the health, safety and security of people at all times.

  • Plan routes for safe delivery of products, and can amend or re-plan when circumstances change

  • Use the TMS system effectively to add, track and update customer jobs; follow related processes and instructions in order to achieve job timescales or deadlines

  • Work to improve cost efficiencies and reduce environmental impact of work activities by selecting the most appropriate driving route and mode of transport when planning deliveries

  • Assign appropriate resource to customer jobs, including vehicle and staff, and deal with outside agencies and organisations when extra resource is required

  • Plan and provide briefs to other operators (eg LGV Drivers and warehouse operatives) on the use of relevant equipment and machinery, including the consequences of using them incorrectly, to ensure the safe handling of customer goods

  • Schedule vehicle maintenance and report any issue to the relevant person


  • Take ownership and responsibility for their own safety and that of others at all times; do the right thing and report any issues or concerns to a relevant person

  • Pay attention to the safe and effective use of equipment and machinery when carrying out activities

  • Take ownership for own performance and training, including demonstrating a keen interest in the industry; proactively drive their ongoing learning and development, and make recommendations for improvement where relevant

  • Demonstrate a commitment to achieving all personal and organisational objectives eg completing work, timekeeping, personal appearance and dress code

  • Embrace the use of relevant technology, systems and equipment – use it responsibly and take an interest in new developments that could support the organisation

  • Demonstrate an approachable and friendly manner; use own initiative when needed to ensure that customer needs and expectations are met.

  • Demonstrate integrity, credibility, honesty and personal drive in every aspect of their role; consistently embody the organisation’s values to promote and enhance brand reputation; strive to meet organisational objectives at all times and demonstrate a belief in the services that the organisation offers


This qualification is designed for individuals are based in a transport or traffic office and are involved in organising deliveries to meet customer demand.  


Typical activities include;

  • Using Transport Management System (TMS) and other relevant IT systems to planning driver routes and jobs

  • Arranging delivery times and scheduling driver availability

  • Dealing with customer queries

  • Looking to make cost savings and reduce environmental impact of work activities

  • Health and safety practices


The apprenticeship will take a minimum of 12 months to complete prior to taking the end-point assessment.

  • Level 2 Supply Chain Operator

  • Functional Skills


Truck and Warehouse


At System Group we will provide you with all the training you need to develop your skills as a transport/traffic officer in a professional and competent way.

As a Supply Chain Operator apprentice, you will learn skills in professional development, principles of transport and cost efficiencies.


If you are an employer who would be interested in recruiting an apprentice or enroling one of your existing employees on the apprenticeship programme, please contact us and we will help you with any queries.


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