This is an entry-level apprenticeship which provides the foundation knowledge skills & experience for the role of Supply Chain Operator within the Supply Chain industry.

You will be responsible for managing the movement of goods for a variety of customers across all sectors, and as such your customer base will range from large global organisations to sole traders and private customers in local areas. Depending on the nature of your organisation you may be required to work internationally in Europe or at worldwide destinations.

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  • How to communicate effectively with customers/colleagues

  • Structure of the industry, the methods and modes of transport, the roles available within the sector in general and in relation to their own career aspirations

  • Importance of delivering excellent customer service to customers and colleagues

  • Vision, objectives and brand of the organisation; the importance of organisation reputation and what can affect it

  • Proposed and actual changes to systems, processes and technology used in the industry, particularly relating to own role

  • How their role can affect their health and the need to maintain a level of fitness appropriate to the needs of their role


  • Establish a good rapport with customers/colleagues

  • Communicate effectively (using a variety of appropriate methods such as face to face, telephone, email etc) with customers and colleagues in line with organisational standards

  • Demonstrate safe moving and handling of different objects, both manually and using relevant equipment

  • Work well in a team; support colleagues and contribute to achieving objectives or goals

  • Seek to review, update and implement improvements to own method of working

  • Adapt to new technology and accept the need for change

  • Work under pressure and to agreed deadlines


  • Demonstrate integrity, credibility, honesty and personal drive in every aspect of their role

  • Take ownership and responsibility for their own safety and that of others at all times

  • Pay attention to the safe and effective use of equipment and machinery when carrying out activities

  • Take ownership for own performance and training, including demonstrating a keen interest in the industry

  • Strive to achieve the best results in all they do

  • Demonstrate a commitment to achieving all personal and organisational objectives eg completing work, timekeeping, personal app earance and dress code

  • Show personal commitment to minimising the effect of work activities on the environment

  • Embrace the use of relevant technology, systems and equipment

  • Take a positive interest in others and show a genuine interest in meeting the needs of others

  • Demonstrate an approachable and friendly manner

  • Demonstrate pride in their own role through a consistently positive, professional approach with customers and members of wider team


Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration is for learners who work in, or who want to work in the business administration roles such as:

  • Personal Assistant

  • Office Executive

  • Office Supervisor

• Developing presentations

• Creating bespoke documents

• Administrative support

• Storing and retrieving information

• Recording minutes for meetings

• Handling mail

• Maintaining and issuing stationery

• Human resources

• Procuring products and/or services

• Developing teams and individuals


The apprenticeship will take a minimum of 12 months to complete prior to taking the end-point assessment.

  • Level 2 Supply Chain Operator


Office Desk


At System Group we will provide you with all the training you need to develop your skills as an administrator in a professional and competent way.

As a Business Administration apprentice, you will learn skills in professional development, principles of business and communication, principles of administration and principles of business.


If you are an employer who would be interested in recruiting an apprentice or enroling one of your existing employees on the apprenticeship programme, please contact us and we will help you with any queries.


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