Due to changing consumer habits, an increasing number of goods are bought and sold online. Express Delivery Operative

play a key role in providing timely deliveries and collections to homes and businesses. They have high levels of individual responsibilities for their working days and delivery routes.


Express Delivery Operative apprentices may work as couriers, delivery drivers or postal workers and are likely to carry out their deliveries on foot, by bicycle, scooter, car, van or lorry.

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  • Pick up a range of delivery services offered to customers; concept of ‘the last mile’, deliveries of all types of goods, care of perishable items, collections and returns across multiple brands, services, concept of reverse logistics.

  • Understand operating policies and instructions relating to click & collect drop points, collections & returns. Identify principles of customer service and service delivery.

  • Build local UK road network knowledge to plan/manage deliveries & collections including hand-held devices to verify/record deliveries and provide real time tracking.

  • Know how to calculate load weights, dimensions , pricing schedules, asses the dimensions of internet- generated returns. 

  • Learn principles of commercial and common contract law as applied to express delivery businesses including types of contract and payment processes used by companies.

  • Understand the principles of safe manual handling, the correct use of trollies and lifting equipment and instructions for installing the manufacturer’s goods. 


  • Become experienced in delivering goods to customer premises; loading and unloading goods in a safe way that ensures the safety and condition of the goods and correctly relates to the delivery schedule.

  • Know how to plan and track progress against a schedule, using equipment where required e.g. scheduling software, satellite navigation 

  • Understand delivery/collection schedules; follow route instructions and company policies and instructions related to collections, deliveries, failed deliveries and returns.

  • Consistently meet customer expectations by responding to customer’s needs and identifying ways to improve customer service.

  • Learn how to verify delivery/collection of goods using manual / IT systems to confirm delivery and collection and to authorise or make payments for goods where required. 

  • Work safely in accordance with employment law and traffic law. Where required, operate vehicles to DVSA standards to ensure safety of others and a green environmental impact, minimising fuel use, noise and congestion. 

  • Learn how to use correct manual handling techniques and use correct tools and equipment in compliance with manufacturers installation instructions.


  • Act as a company ambassador. 

  • Show pride in work: integrity, aims for excellence, time management .

  • Engage positively with colleagues and clients.

  • Strive to improve service quality .

  • Be proactive in working with colleagues to resolve problems which might affect deliveries and collections.

  • Take personal responsibility for the environmental impacts of express delivery, postal and courier services and strives to reduce those impacts.

  • Be mindful of the needs of pedestrians and other road users.


The Express Delivery Operative Apprenticeship standard is transferable for civilian roles such as postal worker, couriers and express delivery drivers who provide timed deliveries and collections to different locations. 

This qualification is useful for people who provide time deliveries and/or collections to customers including couriers, delivery drivers or postal workers. 

Typical activities include; 

  • Planning delivery routes 

  • Managing delivery and collection schedules 

  • Engaging with customers  

  • Loading / unloading / installing goods


The apprenticeship will take a minimum of 12 months to complete prior to taking the end-point assessment. 

  • Express Delivery Operative Level 2 

  • Functional Skills 


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At System Group we will provide you with all the training you need to become an outstanding Express Delivery Operative. 

We have an unparalleled network of trainers and assessors who can make a difference in your career journey. We provide tomorrow's Express Delivery Operatives with the key skills they need to succeed.


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