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System Group's Driver CPC Consortium is a means for large transport businesses to access market-leading, quality Driver CPC course materials and training.

Members of the Consortium are able to access a suite of courses specifically designed to suit individual businesses, whilst providing a cost-effective result, By avoiding centre and course registration fees and time spent developing courses that may be identical to those produced by other businesses, members are also able to benefit from shared best practice.

Course materials are available to be delivered in-house by members' own instructors, who are supported, audited and benchmarked against peers to ensure they comply with System Group's quality standards.

As a member of the Consortium, you will work with a highly experienced, dedicated team of training experts who will assist you in the development and implementation of an effective Driver CPC programme within your business. Membership is backed up by a full provision of 'Train the Trainer' support for your own instructors.​

System Group can provide you with unique, accredited training material, tailored to your company, such as that we have produced for Asda.​​

Please note this is NOT a funded course. To view our funded courses please click HERE.

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Boost your DCPC driver training standards and join now!
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