Transport and Logistics learning provider of choice.

System Group are proud to specialise in the provision of intelligent training applications.

We deliver commercial, part-funded and fully funded vocational training and are the leading training provider to the UK's logistics industry.

System Group are one of the leading Transport and Logistics learning specialists in the UK, with more than 25 years' experience. We are committed to providing high-quality education, learning and training that will support organisations, maximise efficiency and support improvements in business profitability. Working in collaboration with employers and sector bodies such as Skills for Logistics, we develop solutions to the challenges across the wider sector and provide insight and expertise on how to access and navigate Government funding. We combine educational expertise with in depth sector knowledge to offer a cost-effective, commercial approach to the delivery of training and learning.

Our vision and objectives are to work with employers across the Transport and Logistics sector to support economic development through flexible training and skills development for the current and future workforce.

  • Equip businesses and employees with the skills, knowledge and qualifications that they need to remain competitive and ensure future sustainability.

  • Provide support and guidance to help young people progress to employment.

  • Develop those already in employment to progress their careers and meet their aspirations.

Adult Education Course


System Group has a strong team of trainers and tutors that work to deliver bespoke and accredited courses to the highest possible standard. We deliver a wide range of programmes including apprenticeships, providing tomorrow's future with the key skills they need to succeed and Employment Solutions to assist individuals back into the workplace. Additionally we are the largest logistics specialist trainer and instructor training provider within the UK, with our unique 'Train the Trainer' programme.


Our training methods have been tried and tested by an extensive range of clients, ranging from government departments and local authorities to some of the largest blue chip companies.


As a brand we pride ourselves in being the leader within our industry, always looking to develop and innovate in accordance with the needs of our customers.




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go the extra mile for our learners and clients

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we do what we say we will


respectful and supportive

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learner and client obsessed

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encourage creativity and innovation in learning




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Paul Hudson

Chief Executive Officer

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After 25 years' in the Hospitality Sector in senior operational and HR roles, Paul Hudson joined the skill sector in 2015 with Lifetime Training as COO. Here he gained invaluable experience in how to develop scalable, learner and client focused programmes that delivered a great return on investment. Paul carried this learning into his role as MD for Apprenticeships at Capita and is proud to have the opportunity  to lead the System Group team.

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Matt Goldsmith

Operations Director

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Matt has worked as a Director of Operations for National Providers in the sector for over 10 years' having a comprehensive understanding of the Apprenticeship and AEB market. He has extensive prior operational experience in the Welfare to Work Sector and also the Customer Contact Centre environment. He has a passion for the learner experience and has successfully landed transformational change to businesses to meet the changing environment learners and clients find themselves in.

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Earl Hibbert

Head of Talent and People Development

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Earl is a CIPD member and finalising his MBA at Aston University in Birmingham. Over the last 20 years, he has held a number of senior leadership roles for national employers where he has worked extensively within the Skills and Apprenticeships arena.  

His career to date also includes significant experience in People Development, HR, L&D, Project Management, and national workforce planning. 

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Stephen King

Quality Director

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Stephen has worked as Operational Director and Quality Director over the last 6 years before joining System Group in January 2021. Prior to this, Stephen worked in a range of roles related to the delivery of apprenticeships and funded learning including AEB delivery. He has worked in leadership roles for 13 years in the apprenticeships and commercial training industry. This experience gives him the insight to make informed strategic decisions for the benefit of learners, employers and delivery staff.

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Ayesha Rees

Client Solutions Director

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Ayesha has worked in the Vocational education space for over 20 years both in the UK and Internationally, her passion for the sector is driven by the truly life-changing impact she has witnessed, first-hand from people who couldn’t engage with compulsory education but thrived in a vocational setting. One of Ayesha’s favourite sayings is “everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing it is stupid”.

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Tom Staniland

Head of Finance

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Tom joined System Group in September 2020. Tom has worked in the skills sector for the past two years, bringing a wealth of experience from previous financial roles and a clear understanding of strong business performance in the sector. Tom specialises in financial forecasting, scenario planning, cost modelling & working capital management. Tom is commercially focused and has a practical approach that is supported by strong financial analysis and due diligence.

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Mike Monaghan

IT Director

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Mike is an experienced IT/technology manager with over 30 years’ experience working in IT, predominantly in education and academic online publishing, and training. He has significant experience in managing teams, software development, content and data management, and digital publishing. He has managed and developed a variety of front-office and back-office systems, building and supporting complex systems, taking a collaborative and pragmatic approach to enable positive change.